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 Our Headquarters

We're located in northeastern Ohio. Click on our maps to see exactly where we're located.

    Automatic Music
    8120 Auburn Rd.
    Concord, OH 44077

 Contacting Us

Phone: 440/357-7652
In Ohio: 800/526-2646
Fax: 440/352-4103

Sal Lazuka (President):
Extension: 16

Corky Simmons (General Manager):
Extension: 11

Barb Fussner (Office Manager):
Extension: 18

John Lazuka (Sales):
Extension: 13

 Home Sales

Looking for that special gift? How about a reconditioned commercial pinball machine, jukebox or pool table? We also sell parts and accessories.

Note: Games come and go through our warehouse on a daily basis. Check back with us often to see what is currently available.

You can also check out our ebay store to see what we currently have for sale.

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Automatic Music is a proud member of Promo Nation, a national group of operators who are working together to run video game contests with amazing prizes.

Loyalty Reward Program

Golden Tee Live!

Do you play 40 games of Golden Tee Live per month?

If so, you may qualify to earn $25 Operator Gift Cards!

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About Us:

Automatic Music is an "On Premise Entertainment Company" that was established in 1961. If you can put a quarter (or dollar) in it, we probably operate it. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Northern Ohio. From our new headquarters in Concord Ohio, we own, operate and service thousands of games!

You may have seen some of our equipment in local bowling centers, taverns and pizza parlors. Using a fair and competitive revenue sharing lease arrangement; we install, service and rotate coin-operated amusement and cigarette vending equipment. What is your cost? Only a few square feet of floor space and the electricity to power the game.

If you'd like to discuss the possibilities of having Automatic Music as your game operator, please email or call our sales manager, John Lazuka. We offer top earning equipment, superior service and high commissions. We will be pleased to supply you with a list of our many satisfied customers.

Interested in a game for your home? We can fill your game room requirements with reconditioned pinball machines, video games, jukeboxes and pool tables. Sure to be the hit of your next party!

ebay store

Check out our ebay store!

We specialize in video games, pinballs,
bartop games, kits, parts... and more.

"Automatic Music has taken care of the Winking Lizard Tavern since 1990. Besides the great service and equipment, what I like most is the staff. We have worked with Barb, Corky, Pete, Greg and Sal since day one. They do a great job keeping our stores equipped with the latest games and tunes on the state of the art sound system."

Jim Callam, President
Winking Lizard Inc.

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